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Your dream job as a young professional

Graduating this year and ready for your first steps in the business world? We make sure you get an overview of the vacancies and companies that match your interests and preferences. Apply to vacancies yourself or receive offers from the most interesting employers.

The best internships

How do you start the search for an internship? Which companies welcome interns? We make sure that you get a clear overview of the internships that match your field of study and your interests. Who knows, perhaps this will lead to your first fun work experience. 

Events as a career booster

Haven’t figured out what you want to do after your studies? Do you want to know which events companies and students’ associations are organising? Create an account and get an instant overview of the most exciting events in our event calendar. Our platform will give you a digital cv that you can take to dinners, workshops and career days. What’s stopping you?

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It has never been easier to find companies and jobs that perfectly match your knowledge, interests and preferences.

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Create an account for free and receive a digital CV in exchange. Our clear step-by-step instructions will guide you through the registration process. Indicate your interests and competencies, let us know what your ideal work environment is, and we'll do the rest. Together, we will find the perfect match.


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We will help you get in touch with companies that match your ideal company culture and work environment. Find out for yourself what really sparks your interest by scrolling through their profiles. Like the companies you find interesting and increase your position in their ranking.

You decide with whom you have contact

Companies that are interested in you, can send you a contact request. Are you interested in engaging with them? Accept their request and start a conversation. Not interested? Then you can easily reject them. You decide who gets access to your data.

Expand your network at events

Events are the time to put yourself in the spotlight. Register for an event and convince recruiters that you are the perfect match. Did you receive a personal invitation? That means the company really wants you at their event! Save the date and unleash your charms.

Match with companies that suit you

Tired of being ignored after a job application? Would you like to know which companies and vacancies best match your capabilities, interests and preferences? It sounds like a dream, but thanks to our matching algorithm, it is now reality.

We listen to what you think is important. What is your preferred company culture? Are there industries you would really like to work in or are not at all interested in? Do you prefer working at a start-up or do you prefer a more mature company? You get to decide which criteria we take into account. Once you have completed all the information, you will immediately receive an overview of the internships and jobs that suit you best! Apply with just one click of a button.

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