"It’s our mission to create a diverse, inclusive and interests-based student application process, ensuring that every student has an equal chance."

What we stand for

As a student, you're not just looking for any internship or job! You want to find a place where you feel completely at home right away, where you can be yourself and continue to develop! Of course, your education is important, but even more important are your interests, skills, and the company environment where you want to work. How cool is it that you can now find all the companies and job openings that match your profile in one overview?!

What we fynd important

Inclusion & diversity

We are inspired by anonymity, gender equality and the avoidance of bias to create balanced workplaces with equal opportunities for every student.

Interests & skills

The perfect job is a place that matches your values, standards and interests. That's why we choose to match based on what you want and where you see yourself working.


The student is central. We find it important that the process for the student runs as smoothly as possible and that they end up in a workplace where they can be themselves.

Our team

Dynamic, enthusiastic and super driven, that's how we describe ourselves. We are a diverse and dedicated team that derives satisfaction from successfully launching students' careers.

Youri Vanlommel
Managing Director
Tom Van Bueren
Commercial Director
Dimitri Vanlommel
Technical Director
Annabelle Reinardts
Content Manager
Max Gysbrechts
Account Manager
Kathleen Pauwels
Social Media Manager
Margot Gysbrechts
Filip Smet