Leading the charge in marine engineering with a fleet of top-notch vessels, DEME transforms global challenges into sustainable opportunities




2500 - 10000




Scheldedijk 30, Haven 1025 2070 Zwijndrecht, België


Bouw Energie, water en milieu

For over 140 years, DEME has been at the forefront of marine engineering. Our community of over 5200 professionals set unrivalled standards in dredging, marine infrastructure and environmental remediation, with captivating projects worldwide. 

With an innovative approach and a leading-edge fleet of over 100 vessels, DEME’s skilled experts transform global challenges into technological solutions that shape a better, greener, more prosperous future. Whether they work abroad or at HQ, our teams are fuelled by a pioneering spirit and make a concrete impact where it matters most.  

Each project we tackle showcases our dedication to operational excellence, innovation, and a culture of safety and care for our people. At DEME, you have the opportunity to face challenges head-on, continuously learn from the industry’s finest, fully develop your career, and create cutting-edge solutions at the forefront of technology.  

Being a part of DEME isn’t just about technical qualifications or years of experience. It’s about embodying a pioneering spirit defined by exploration, determination, and tenacity, never to hold back.  

At DEME, our work influences our personal and private lives, reflecting our passion for what we do. No matter how small, every task circles back to our projects, ensuring everyone has a hand in shaping the impact on-site. What truly defines our team is an insatiable drive for exploration, a bold determination, and an innate spirit of optimism. 

Our roles are filled with freedom, exploration, and the unexpected, but what remains constant is our collective mindset. We're a haven for pioneers, where you're actively encouraged to follow your path, fueling our future with your unique ideas and ambitions. In addition to the vastness of our projects and the scope of our aspirations, we operate under one shared ethos: One DEME, one team. 

Are you ready to embark on this journey? If you value collaboration, thrive in a human-centric environment, and are eager to be a part of a culture that binds everyone through mutual respect and shared goals, then DEME might be your next transformative journey.  

We're more than a workplace; we are a place for pioneers where modern trailblazers converge, dream, and transform the world. Dive deep, take the leap, and let’s chart unexplored territories together. 


If your profile matches, you will be invited for a job interview. If this resulted in a positive interview, you will have a profound meeting with the manager. After a positive final evaluation, you will be offered a contract. 

If you want to embark on a professional journey that allows you to make your mark, DEME offers the platform, the projects, and the global reach you’re looking for.