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We are delaware: a business & IT consultancy company.




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Delaware Antwerpen
Uitbreidingstraat 2-8 2600 Berchem, België
Delaware Gent
Sluisweg 1 9000 Gent, België
Delaware Kortrijk
Kapel Ter Brede 86 8500 Kortrijk, België


Consultancy en andere dienstverlening Informaticadiensten-bedrijven

Who are we?

We are delaware: a business & IT consultancy company. We like to bring out the best in technology (and in people!) to help our customers improve their business processes. We truly believe that innovation and technology go hand in hand, so we’re always on the lookout for new, exciting tools. Either way, as consultants, we take pride in the solutions we build and the services we offer. 

A question: what makes us different? The answer: its mindset. We all share the same dream: build a long-standing, inclusive and sustainable company, that we take care of as a group. We strongly believe that everyone is an entrepreneur.

As project consultants, no two days are the same. When you're at one of the delaware offices, you can feel the buzz when you walk through the doors. We work flexibly in open spaces, but have different rooms for your different needs and tasks. In need of a break? There's always some time for small talk at the coffee machine, or people playing a game of foosball at the kicker table.

When you're not at the office, you're working at the customer site. Here you'll work with many different people: your own team members, colleagues from other teams, project managers, stakeholders or even the CEO.

Need help tackling an issue? Something isn’t clear? Typical of the delaware culture is that the #peopleofdelaware are eager to help. If you’re looking for an expert on a particular topic, there's always someone you can connect with.

And finally: what we do is serious business, but we offer plenty of opportunities to blow off steam after hours. Next to our ski trip, Family Day, Starters' Drink or team weekends, you can keep an eye out for informal pizza parties or 'koffiekoeken' on Monday.

If you send us your application and we see a possible match, one of our recruiters will plan a first introductory HR interview. This is a short, informal phone call to align on what you’re looking for and to discuss the opportunities at delaware at that time being.

If your interests match our needs, your recruiter will plan one or two business interviews with managers from the team you’ll end up in. If all goes well, we’ll call one last time to discuss your financial proposal. And hopefully, a couple of weeks later, you’ll be joining delaware as our new colleague!

Keep in mind that we don’t see your application as an elimination race, but rather as a process where we will try to look for the best possible match with you. This means that both you and we can ask for more flexibility if needed.

Every starter at delaware takes part in our infamous Analyst Bootcamp, an intensive 4-week track packed with trainings and workshops. You’ll take a deep dive into the technologies you’ll be working with and boost your soft skills during social get-togethers, team buildings and business games. Sounds fun, right?

Who is the single most important person in your journey of self-development? You are! But you can’t do it all on your own. To support you on your journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself, we have set up learning & development practices that guide you along the way.  

When it comes to IT and business, things are moving fast. As a consultant your goal should not just be to keep up with that pace – but to realize that your knowledge can make all the difference. With us, you’ll adopt a growth mindset. You’ll embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, take responsibility for your words and actions, and acknowledge that effort is the path toward mastery.