How does it work?

From creating a job posting to finding the right applicant, we make the whole process efficient and simple. Find out more about how it works. 

Highlight the company

Make sure your company profile is identified. What do you do? What do you stand for? And what are you looking for in an applicant? Based on this company culture, you will be matched with relevant profiles.

Contact your matches

You have the option to contact a student yourself. No more wasting time, take immediate action to find the talent you are looking for.

A student liked your company

Students also have the possibility like your company. Do you feel a click and see potential? Then you can indicate mutual interest to seal the match and request contact information.

Let students apply to your job offers!

Be in charge of your inbox! Students also have the opportunity to apply for your jobs. This process is anonymous until you accept the request.

Discover your perfect match

Create your profile now and discover new opportunities.